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Wohnquartier Rozzol Melara, Triest

Carlo Celli, Luciano Celli,  Dario Tognon 1970-1983

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1960s Polish 7” sleeve by Rosław Szaybo (themes from Knife in the Water)

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Valley of the Bees (1968)- Directed by Frantisek Vlácil. Part #1. There are so many striking shots in this film. Great use of light, contrast, and even some Gothic imagery. Also weirdly, when watching the film I couldn’t help but think of the visual style of Wes Anderson. It really is a fantastic film, one of the most interesting “medieval” films I’ve ever seen.


Bonus shot from Aguirre, the Wrath of God of a real pleased looking baby sloth.


Top 30 Favourite Films

A while ago a friend and I tried to make our personal top 30 favourites, in no order. I’m still not completely happy with it and occasionally think of a film that is somehow been forgotten and it kills me. But this is it so far. (Our rule was that we could have multiple films by the same director).

2001: A Space Odyssey (1)

Once Upon a Time in the West (2)

Brief Encounter

The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser (5)/ Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Paris, Texas

Stalker/Andrei Rublev

The Devils (4)

Rear Window/Psycho/Strangers on a Train

Miller’s Crossing/The Big Lebowski


Seven Samurai/Ran/Throne of Blood

Wild Strawberries/ Winter Light (10)

Songs From the Second Floor (7)

The Fly

The Haunting (6)

Sunset Boulevard

Letter From an Unknown Woman

Before Sunrise/Before Sunset/Before Midnight

Suspiria (3)

Blue Velvet/ Mulholland Drive


The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp/Black Narcissus/ A Matter of Life and Death

The Thing

The Empire Strikes Back

Porco Rosso/ Princess Mononoke/ Castle in the Sky

Citizen Kane/The Magnificent Ambersons (8)

Wet Hot American Summer

Starship Troopers (9)

The Royal Tenenbaums/Rushmore/The Life Aquatic

Days of Heaven/The Thin Red Line/The Tree of Life

Close: Return of the Living Dead, Synecdoche New York, The Holy Mountain, The Passion of Joan of Arc, You Only Live Twice, City Lights.


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Algiers, Louisiana, c. 1972 — William Eggleston

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Under new management. Marie, ex-3xxx short-stay “love hotel” for couples. Exarcheia, Athens, Greece, 2013 (btm) & 2014 (top)

PS. The free parking is also a new feature, given the fierce competition with the nearby Hotel Attiki which offered first such a service to its clientèle.

PS 2. I couldn’t resist throwing in the scanned first page of the relevant leaflet I found under my door…

Jewish cemetery, Safov CZ