Shadow is mystery and light is clarity. Shadow conceals, light reveals. To know what to reveal and what to conceal, and in what degrees to do this, is all there is to art.

Josef von Sternberg

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1962 Czech poster for A VIEW FROM A BRIDGE (Sidney Lumet, France/Italy, 1962)

Designer: W.A. Schlosser (1913-1984)

Poster source: Terry Posters


Federico Fellini’s films by Milo Manara

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Marcello Mastroianni in Mario Monicelli's Casanova ‘70 (1965).

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endless list of favorite movies: melancholia (2011)

"The Earth is evil. We don’t need to grieve for it."

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Z (1969). Cuban poster by Nelson Ponce Sanchez.

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Pigeons over Petrzalka


The Cannes 2014 lineup.

Notes on all the films and trailers for more than a few.


Roma. Via Veneto. | Marcello Mastroianni with his daughter Chiara (from Catherine Deneuve).

Wonder where Tom Ford gets his inspiration for men? Marcello …